About Young & Associates Industrial Safety

Young & Associates is a family and veteran owned business, and was founded , by Doug Young in 1996 in the small but industrially active town of Jackson, Tennessee. We, here at Young & Associates are dedicated to providing our customers with the best, up to date training possible.

We at Young & Associates believe the key to effective training is to make it as site specific as possible by performing the training of your employees in their actual daily work environment and on the equipment that they will actually be operating.

Over the years our classroom and practical training has evolved into a finely tuned, extremely well-organized, and time efficient session.

No need to send your employees off to be trained - We conduct our training at your location, provide all necessary training materials, and provide you with all necessary documentation for your records. This not only satisfies OSHA’s requirements for site specific training, it also allows your employees to return to work with minimal downtime.


Scheduling Convenience - As critical as equipment safety training is to the industry, we also understand how it can interrupt the progress of an  otherwise productive day;  that’s why we've tailored our training sessions to fit your valuable time schedule.  To help alleviate any scheduling dilemmas, our training sessions may be scheduled anytime, seven days a week .


No group is too small or too large to receive our first class, site specific training.

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