Nationwide Onsite SafetyTraining

Employee/Operator Onsite Training



We are the solution to your training requirements. There's no need to send your employees to another location to be trained. We conduct our training at your location and provide all necessary training materials. This not only satisfies OSHA's requirements for site specific training, it also allows your employees to return to work with minimal downtime.


We understand how disruptive training can be to a business that's why we've tailored our training programs to fit your schedule.  


To help alleviate your scheduling dilemmas, your training may be scheduled 24/7.  We'll even split your training into 2 or more sessions for that day of training if needed.   No group is too small or too large to receive our first class service and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how incredibly low our training fees are.  

Onsite, Train The Trainer

We at Young & Associates will train and certify your trainer/s at your facility, at your convenience and, provide you with their training documentation and credentials so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your employees/operators are being trained by a properly trained and certified trainer.

Our Train the Trainer classes typically last 3-4 hours (depending on the topic) and will consist of a video, classroom discussion, quiz and hands on evaluation. We will always kick off the training session with a brain storming session with your trainer/s which helps us to ensure that your training will be as site-specific as possible. We will also assist your trainer in the set up and implementation of all OSHA required documentation and record keeping .

Upon completion of this training, your trainer will have everything necessary to satisfy all OSHA requirements pertaining to the training, evaluation and certification of your employees.

Safety Training Kits

Our training kits come complete, with everything necessary to fulfill your classroom portion of the required training.

Included in the instructor’s guide are training tips that will assist you in easily designing and implementing a complete training program specifically for your facility.

Our training kit includes a video in DVD format. Also included, is a CD (in Word format), which includes templates for all necessary training, documentation, certificate of completion and wallet authorization cards.

The cost of our training kits is $280 for Forklift and Front-end Loaders and $340 for Overhead Crane, Aerial and Scissor Lifts and Lockout/Tagout...turnkey! No shipping, No handling! 

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